To my beloved family of students, 


“ Do your practice, ALL is coming”


This is my favorite quote from my master. When I first read it 25 years ago it was such a lovely idea, feel better, look better and all will be better, all good is coming. Well years later as I got divorced it read as a warning! The VERY same words that helped me through my situation had a totally different meaning!! 

“Do your practice .... dant dantdan... ALL IS COMING! 


Well my friends here we all are, All that was coming may be what we’re now experiencing! 


We need do our practice now more than ever, and prove that we are real students (yogi’s) and not just doing yoga to fit into out best clothes. Unfortunately you don’t have me in the flesh to guide you through a yoga sequence, but, I should be in all of your heads by this point! My voice (sadly scruffy) my one liners, my cues , the basic directions I gave you everyday for all these years! You own them, you know them and if you don’t, I have not done my job. 


That being said I am going to list the three most important tools of the practice! 





Every “ Breathe “ we take is a CONSCIOUS one.

The power and strength we all have in every jump back and in every plank proves we are working our “Bandhas”. The gaze we have towards the ceiling or the fingers or 3 ft in front of us, is the “Drishti which give us the ability to look JUST ahead of our reach. 


We all  know that this tragic situation will PASS!!  It WILL and it HAS too! 


What is most important now is how we manage this time. How we support each other is the real challenge here. Imagine double pigeon, we sit, we breathe we hold on and soon enough it’s over and we are onto the next pose. 


Yoga is Life! I have not had a teacher in over a decade, the yoga and the knowledge I have in my head is my teacher! YOU have all earned this knowledge through YEARS of coming to class, and while we can’t be together right now, we can all still roll out that mat and apply our knowledge.


I will not make a UTube video or Zoom, for you guys and ask for you to Venmo me, I don’t believe in it, I don’t want to ask anyone for money, and most importantly we are AUTHENTIC Yogis and we should be able to prove that to ourselves. 


Here are some suggestions to help with your practice and to help you get through this:


If you can only get to your mat for 10 minutes then do sun salutations A & B or do Pranayama and Ujjayi breathing exercises (if you don’t remember these you can Google them).


You can put together a 30 minute routine based on what you KNOW on your own. You know to start with breathing exercises, Sun Salutations, then move through standing poses, seated poses and finally shavasana.


You can google the Primary Series of Ashtanga Yoga and follow the visual map. (here is a link to a Ashtanga yoga cheat sheet)


You can pick your favorite shapes from previous classes and practice them.  


If you do any of this you are doing yoga. 


I will welcome any and all questions you have, I’m happy to keep guiding you in anyway I can, but the thing I want to most celebrate about my students and my family of Yogis is that OUR DEDICATION is all that matters, get on your mat and see what you get! You CAN’T make a mistake, there is NO ERROR ! 

Get on your mat, use the tools of Breathe, Bandhas and Drishti, follow shapes you can remember, channel me and you fellow students and ... “All is coming” 


Namaste, I love you all,


An attitude of contentment (Santosha) gives rise to unexcelled happiness, mental comfort, joy & satisfaction.

-Yoga Sutra 2.42 


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